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A pop-up beauty salon in an unused bus stop. We offer three different subversive aesthetic treatments that don’t follow standard beauty ideals. Rather, they question how we can optimize our bodies for other purposes relevant to a near-future context where issues such as artificial intelligence surveillance, gender identity demands, and the cultivation of self-care and self-awareness are at the forefront. This intervention creates a cozy refuge and urban meeting place to playfully talk, reflect, and speculate about these issues.


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A.I. am happy

Make-up to trick surveillance technologies of artificial intelligences, that interpret people’s emotions based on their facial expressions. These minimalist make-up designs make the software think that the human is happy even if they are not. Nowadays already, it can be convenient to have a disguise so that those who try to read & exploit our emotions believe that we are “always” happy and content. While in the meantime we can let our face, be angry, bored, sad or worried.
Can you beat the machine?


Put on your make-up and try to beat the AI here: Morphcast

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Shaving leg hair has always been a “woman’s thing”. Aesthetics against disgust. With these new leg hair designs, shaving is now a topic that concerns all genders. Now it’s aesthetics against prejudice. Each person can now show with which pronouns they identify and want to be addressed (they/she/he). The vertical depilation design stands for the feminine pronoun, the horizontal for the masculine and the spiral pattern for the diverse pronoun. For those who identify with two pronouns, both can be shown since people usually have two legs. This simple body hack gives all genders a chance to destigmatize wearing leg hair and give it a new use.


This GIF shows how you can shave yours legs in a way that stands for the pronouns they/them.

Join the club: #HeHisSheHair

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Brave New Tattoos

“We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.” Memento

Reminder for Self: Be ruthless // Be vulnerable. Unlike the packages we receive at home with stickers warning that the contents are “very fragile” and “should be handled with care,” the human body does not come with such a warning sticker. So, in order not to forget to take care of yourself and protect your self-esteem, we offer temporary henna tattoos as a personal reminder. These resemble the scribbles that children usually wear on their hands or arms and last for a few days until they disappear. Thus, you can always decide what you need support with.


This GIF shows how you can shave yours legs in a way that stands for the pronouns they/them.